Subscription FAQs

Easy. For $25, on the last day of every month, a box of 30 fresh cookies will be delivered to your doorstep. This is one cookie per day for a month. You can choose up to 3 individual flavors for your box. Cookies last for about 5 days on the counter and should be refrigerated after that. Many customers tells us they immediately freeze them and give the dogs frozen cookies. It tends to feel good on their teeth and provide some healthy enrichment.

Yes. Local includes York and Cumberland County. Anywhere outside of those areas is a flat delivery rate fee and it will be delivered by UPS.

When you sign up for a subscription box your order is placed. The website then redirects you to our subscribe page with a PayPal button where you are able to sign up for a monthly automatic subscription through your PayPal account by simply clicking it and following the steps. That is the easiest way BUT if you are against PayPal as an option just let us know. We are happy to work out an alternative method.

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If there are two or more names for your dogs, please separate them by using a comma.
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